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78% of people looking for a new lawyer start online.

The big question: are you showing up? In those thousands or tens of thousands of daily searches for lawyers like you, how many people are actually finding you? How many legitimate, lucrative leads are you losing out on to your competitors who have a leg up in the online marketing arena? The answer is probably a lot, but not for long.

Legal Legends is a digital marketing firm designed to help lawyers—and lawyers only—grab bountiful, sustainable, hot leads…even if you currently have ZERO online presence. Our proven methodology will immediately give your firm a fighting chance against competitors with years of skin in the game, until you’re eventually dominating your niche online, letting you focus solely on your clients.

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Law firm digital marketing is an exact science... and we have it figured out.

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attract traffic

First things first—we’ll set you up with a website you’ll be proud of, designed to attract traffic using valuable content and efficient SEO strategies. And not just any traffic, but the BEST traffic—folks who are looking for representation now.

convert leads

With visitors hooked, we’ll reel them in through a combination of exceptional user experience, persuasive sales copy, expert CTAs and seamless forms that’ll establish your firm as the true experts in your niche—and the only logical choice for help.

close sales

When all’s said and done, you’ll be getting a steady stream of hot leads looking for consultations, not just casual browsers searching for info. We take care of everything you need online, handing you potential clients on a silver platter 24/7.

We do everything it takes to grow your law firm.

Getting big results online takes a ton of work. Most attorneys just don’t have the time to do it themselves (nobody wants to work a second job), and that’s where we come in. Our marketing approach is simple. We plan, build and execute every single thing your firm needs to get more leads and build your authority online.

Our goal is to relieve the burden of marketing from your shoulders, giving you the time and energy to focus 100% on your business and your clients instead of writing blog posts, picking color themes, researching keywords, and the billion other tasks needed to dominate online.

Why Us?

Legal Legends is far superior to other legal marketing agencies. Here's why...


We get real results.

We’ve worked with tons of clients, and a common theme among them is that many lawyers have been burned in the past by marketing agencies who just don’t move the needle.

We know the pain of burning thousands of dollars per month on marketing “help” and seeing no return on your investment. That’s why we don’t take on a new client unless we’re confident we can help them dominate online. And so far, we’ve never failed.

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We're a true turnkey solution.

The days of hiring separate agencies to handle your content, SEO and web design are over. If you’ve ever dealt with disparate agencies scattered across the country (or the world) and exhausted yourself coordinating their efforts, relief is here.

Our team runs like a well-oiled machine, and our services are designed to complement each other—leaving you with a working system that’ll regularly win leads with no stress on your part.

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We're awesome to work with.

We like to think we’re just a bunch of normal guys who happen to be really good at marketing. We’re here to make your life easy, and that means being easy to work with, too.

If you’re looking for a stress-free working relationship, met deadlines, no excuses, kept promises and not ever needing to worry about taking the reins on marketing again, you might like working with us.

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Frequently asked questions...

Can you really double my firm’s leads?

Good question. Here are the facts:

  • We’ve doubled the leads (or more) of every client we’ve taken on. Ever. Within the first year of working together.
  • End facts.

And no, we’re not talking about emails from people who don’t even live in the same city, or spam marketing inquiries from Bangladesh. We’re talking about real leads with the potential to become your next huge case.

We’re very selective when we take on new clients because we want to make sure our marketing strategies are a perfect fit with your business. That attention to detail and dedication to starting things out on the right foot is part of why we (and our clients) are so successful.

How long will this take?

Every client and every project is different, but you can expect to see substantial results within the first 9-12 months of working with us.

That doesn’t mean we’ll be sitting around and playing the waiting game, though—from Day One, we’ll be hard at work coming up with both long-term and short-term strategies to start bringing you results as fast as humanly possible.

How much will this cost?

Probably a lot less than you might think.

We’re known for getting the most out of our clients’ hard-earned money, often getting better results than agencies with twice the budget can manage.

If you’re looking to set up a fair deal that’s win-win for everyone involved, we’re your guys.

When can we get started?

How fast can you fill out the web form below?

We’re currently taking on new clients, and we’d love to set up a call to discuss exactly how Legal Legends can help your business get as many leads as humanly possible.

7 Legal Marketing Stats Every Lawyer Needs to Know

Cold, hard facts—we’ve got ‘em. Check out these 7 eye-opening stats that are making our clients very, very excited about the future (and relieved for choosing Legal Legends).

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Intelligent legal marketing takes Monument Immigration from startup to superhero.

Monument Immigration started off with basically no web presence, years behind their competitors and looking for a head start. Monument was faced with a sizable client base that just wasn’t motivated to use their immigration services in a do-or-die mentality—it was our job to show Monument’s prospects just how urgent it really is to process your immigration applications ASAP.

Using powerful content to both persuade and inspire prospects to apply sooner rather than later, we placed Monument as the choice for immigration services. After starting on the ground floor, Mark and Monument Immigration are now enjoying dozens of new cases and new clients thank to Legal Legends’ aggressive marketing strategies.

more traffic
more calls
more form fills
more sales
5 star legal marketing review


legal marketing client
Because of Legal Legends, I went from getting virtually no leads to tons of hot leads coming in on a daily basis.
Mark Naugle

Founder @ Monument

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Smarter strategies and better execution gets Davis & Sanchez 2X more monthly leads.

Davis & Sanchez were struggling bursting onto the online stage, with a first attempt at a website failing to live up to their expectations. Legal Legends totally redesigned their site, corrected their SEO strategy and gave their content a fresh coat of paint. Finally boasting a website they could be proud of, D&S was quick to capitalize on their favorable position with a killer sales funnel that we designed to turn all those visitors into new clients before they even knew what hit ‘em. Flush with cash and piles of new 5-star reviews, D&S were quick to start expanding locations after their first shot of new Legal Legends leads.

more traffic
more calls
more form fills
more sales
law firm marketing review


law firm marketing client
We were able to open a second office because of Legal Legends. Our lead volume and lead quality both skyrocketed after they took over.
Jacob Hill

Manager @ D & S

law firm website design


Montgomery Steele ditches their incompetent agency and finally gets real results.

With a fresh outlook on personal injury law, Montgomery Steele was attempting to carve out their place in the sun in a crowded, highly competitive location. Montgomery Steele’s competitors were established, gigantic, and had hefty marketing budgets—meaning we needed to work smarter and harder than the other guys.

Legal Legends gave them a brand that stands head and shoulders above the rest, complete with SEO and local maps tactics to make sure their superior firm is getting the real estate they deserve on Google. Branded as a more personal law firm that focuses on maximum payouts instead of easy settlements, MS is kicking off their first few years of business with a bang.

more traffic
more calls
more leads
more sales
5 star law firm marketing review


law firm marketing client
Legal Legends redid our entire digital strategy from the ground up. We started getting hot leads just a few days after launching the new site, and things have snowballed from there.
JT Steele

Partner @ M & S

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