All-star marketers, designers, coders, & writers.

The Legal Legends team is made up of premier talent.

Built from the ground-up to plant your law firm on the top of the pile, Legal Legends is your turnkey solution to getting tons of leads online. When you’re ready to stop worrying about marketing and start focusing more on your clients, we’re your guys.


3 facts about Legal Legends you need to know...


We have a perfect track record with new clients.

That means within the first year of bringing a new law firm onboard, we have a 100% success rate at massively increasing leads—by 2, 3, and sometimes even 4x.


We make your life easier. A lot easier.

Ever wondered how great life would be if you could focus 100% on your clients and your business instead of how to get those clients in the first place? You’re about to find out.


We get better results than anyone else. Faster. And for less money.

If it’s too good to be true, it must be Legal Legends. Our agency is a well-oiled machine where everything we do is designed to make your business more profitable—without the waste of time and money you’re used to with bigger agencies.

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Iterative marketing is how we give you our best work.

Most marketing agencies lack vision and just don’t have what it takes to jump the hurdle between mediocre and extraordinary. They’ll stick to the script for the duration of your contract—results or not—unwilling and unable to learn and improve. We aren’t most marketing agencies.

Our iterative process is a never-ending cycle of building a dominant strategy and then executing that strategy faster and better than anybody else. Then, we use insights gained from each cycle to feed the beast, getting you more and more leads with each iteration.


The 4 agreements that guide everything we do.


The golden rule.

We treat everyone the way we want to be treated, both internally and externally. The only way we can make our clients thrive is by treating their businesses like our business. Instead of just focusing on how to do our jobs better, we focus on doing our jobs in a way that make everyone’s lives easier.


Bring the party.

Doing our best work and giving our clients the best results means bringing our best selves, every single day, no excuses. We own our choices rather than deflecting blame or passing the buck. Happiness is contagious, boosts productivity, and doesn’t cost a thing—so why not enjoy what we do?



In the tech industry, if we aren’t constantly adapting and evolving, we die. Kaizen—the Japanese word for constant and never-ending improvement—sums up perfectly how we survive. Every day provides opportunities for growth and progress...both as a company as individuals. Make it count.


The bottom line.

At the end of the day, did we make something that matters? Did we create results? Good intentions don’t mean a thing if they don’t generate value for us and our clients. Delivering results means bringing ideas into existence...and if it doesn’t deliver results, it isn’t worth doing!

7 Legal Marketing Stats Every Lawyer Needs to Know

Cold, hard facts—we’ve got ‘em. Check out these 7 eye-opening stats that are making our clients very, very excited about the future (and relieved for choosing Legal Legends).

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All day, every day... legal marketing is all we do.

Why Us?

There are tons of reasons to choose Legal Legends... here are 6 of them.


We get real results.

We’ve talked to so many law firms who have been taken advantage of by other marketing agencies that we’ve lost count. We’re all too familiar with watching your hard-earned cash disappear with no return on your investment, and that stops today.

We don’t just get results—we get big results, and we always get results. With every client we’ve ever taken on. That’s a claim you can take to the bank...and with all the new leads you’ll be getting.


We're a true turnkey solution.

The days of hiring separate agencies to handle your web design, SEO and content are over. Trying to micromanage so many moving parts is a recipe for disaster—or at the very least, suboptimal results.

Legal Legends is a team of true experts in all things digital marketing, and our services are designed to complement each other—leaving you with a complete marketing ecosystem that’ll win you leads online with no stress or effort on your part.


We're awesome to work with.

We’re a team of normal people who just happen to be really good at digital marketing. You won’t find any flakes or slackers here—just winners who want to make your life easy.

Clients love us because our we create working relationships where meeting deadlines, keeping promises and maintaining accountability are top priorities. When you’re looking for a marketing team that adds value to your business and your life, we’re your guys.


We’re efficient

There’s probably nothing more frustrating than watching one of these huge marketing agencies that are bloated with bureaucracy and paralyzed by indecision as they waste your monthly check on work that just doesn’t move the needle for your business.

We’ve been doing marketing for a long time. That means we know what works, what works fast, and what works for less money than anybody else.


We give you strategy and execution

Some firms offer marketing consultations without ever putting into action a single plan themselves. Others offer design or content help without knowing how it will affect your business as a whole, or where their work fits in with the bigger picture.

Clients love us because we offer an A-to-Z plan for taking your business from zero online leads to many online leads—and then we take you there ourselves, with no stress or headache on your part.


We’re in it for the long haul

You might not know this, but it’s so easy for fly-by-night marketing agencies to dupe clients into yearly contracts where they do nothing but waste time and waste money before disappearing into the wind.

Legal Legends, on the other hand, chases success by making our clients successful. When you win, we win—which is why so many of our clients renew their contracts for years after we’ve blown away their original expectations.

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