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Why Content Marketing for Lawyers is Crucial for Lead Generation

Why Content Marketing for Lawyers is Crucial for Lead Generation

Blog posts, sales emails, social media posts, landing pages, your website’s home page…everything you write that’s meant to communicate to potential clients is content. And most digital marketers tend to agree that content is king when it comes to competing for new customers online.

Do Lawyers Really Need Content Marketing?


At its most basic level, content marketing is what happens when you use content—any kind of content—to meet the marketing goals of your law firm. Whether you’re attempting to create visibility for your firm, retain old clients or gain new ones, powerful content is one of the greatest weapons in your arsenal.

To understand why words are so vital in your quest for new leads, just take a look at virtually any online marketing effort.

PPC campaign? Drives visitors to a landing page (content).

Organic search results? Visitors land on a home page, blog page, etc. All content.

Email drip campaign? Content, content, content.

The goal of your marketing efforts should be to secure a steady flow of relevant traffic, and we’re driving that traffic to content. Content is the bridge between web traffic and leads, and the better your content is, the more likely it is to win over visitors.

To put it simply, content is a pretty big deal—here are the two biggest reasons why winning words creates winning law firms.

Content is the Ace Up Your Sleeve for Attracting Traffic

Google really, really loves content. That means if your site has great content, Google is going to really, really love you. It’s estimated that over 50% of how Google ranks websites is based on content!

In the Wild West days of digital marketing, it was enough to just exist. Those days are long gone, and only through a combination of sound SEO practices, exceptional web design and rock-solid writing will your firm triumph over the dozens or even hundreds of competitors you face.

Content marketing is an arms race. The firm with the biggest guns gets the most love from Google. The firms with the most love from Google get the most traffic. The firms with the most traffic tend to get the most leads, and so on and so forth.

That’s because killer content gives your domain the most authority. Having a lot of solid pages helps your site rank higher and for more relevant search terms, which gives you more traffic, which shows Google that your site is relevant, which gets you better rankings…it’s a feedback loop that we’ll use to your advantage to secure your law firm’s place in the sun.

Plus, we’re able to build different pages to target specific keywords, letting your content cast a wider net and catch even more fish—just like this page, which is targeted at potential legal clients like you who are looking for ways to boost their online marketing efforts.

Content Influences Visitors and Warms Up Leads

94% of people who fill out forms on websites say that quality content was a part of their decision. It takes a lot to convince someone to hand over even the most minute personal details through a web form, and it’s incredible that content plays such a crucial role in the process.

You can’t be there personally to hold a Q and A with every single person who lands on your site, so it’s your content’s job to win folks over in your stead.

It’s a fact that well-written content positively influences prospects, making your firm seem knowledgeable, trustworthy and powerful. Your words will both subtly and directly nudge prospects towards becoming new clients, nuking sales objections before prospects even have a chance to consider doubting you.

Your content also supports and builds your brand identity and authority, helping you stand out positively and memorably from the thousand other personal injury/tax/immigration/et cetera law firms in your city.

Get Consistent, Charismatic Content with Legal Legends

We really get content. Roughly 98% of our content is posted without revision from our clients—we know your niche and we know what makes prospects tick.

The tricky thing about content marketing is that so many firms just upload blog posts every couple of weeks and think that’s enough. But without a master plan and flawless execution, you’ll just be spinning your wheels.

Countless law firms pick up content marketing only to abandon it weeks later because it’s really hard unless you write for a living. There’s an art and science to content marketing that we’ve mastered over the years, combining the experience and insights of our clients with the marketing minds of our seasoned writers.

Our team has produced hundreds of pieces for just about every legal niche under the sun. Let us take the burden of planning and writing powerful content off your shoulders—we’ll take care of the leads while you keep doing what you do best.


*The information provided on this website does not, and is not intended to, constitute legal advice; instead, all information, content, and materials available on this site are for general informational purposes only.

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