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Reckless Ridesharing Leads to $2 Million Settlement for Coworkers

Legal Legends wins a blockbuster case against ridesharing company!

Reckless Ridesharing Leads to $2 Million Settlement for Coworkers

Jill and Mary were carpooling to work together when a distracted rideshare driver slammed into their car on the highway. Both Mary and Jill suffered major back injuries in the crash that required surgery.

The company’s insurance adjuster refused to cover the full amount of Mary and Jil’s treatment, so they hired a Legal Legend.

Their attorney pressed the insurance company for the state’s legal maximum payout—and got it. By settling out of court, Mary and Jill were able to avoid an exhausting legal battle and focus on getting better.

“Had 2 awesome Legal Legends handling my car accident case. Needless to say, we won! I couldn’t be happier with my experience.”

Settlement: $2 Million


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