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78% of people looking for a new lawyer start online.

But are you the one showing up? In those thousands and thousands of daily searches for attorneys like you, how many prospects are landing on your site instead of your competitor’s site? How many fantastic leads are you missing out on every single day? The answer is a lot, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

Legal Legends is a marketing firm built to help lawyers—only lawyers—grab their fill of sustainable, lucrative leads online...even if you currently have no online presence whatsoever. Our proven tactics and techniques will immediately give your firm an edge against competitors with years of digital experience, letting you focus on helping your clients while we take care of the marketing.

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Digital marketing for criminal defense law firms is an exact science... and we have it figured out.

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attract traffic

First off, you’re going to get a site that both you and your clients will love—designed to bring in traffic with effective SEO strategies and powerful content. But not just any traffic—we bring in the best traffic, namely prospects who are looking for a lawyer now.

convert leads

Now that we’ve hooked a ton of new visitors, it’s time to reel them in using persuasive sales content, perfectly crafted calls to action and a totally natural user experience that will establish your firm as the best, only choice in your legal niche.

close sales

After destroying sales resistance in your new prospects, it’s time to reap the rewards. We’ll manage your entire marketing operation online, leaving you with a whole lot more time to focus on your new clients.

We do everything it takes to grow your law firm.

Getting real results online is a lot of work. You’re a lawyer, we’re marketers—why don’t you focus 100% on helping your clients, and we’ll focus on getting you those clients. Deal? Our approach to marketing is simple—we cover all of your bases, building you a true turnkey solution to online dominance with no stone unturned.

Everything we deliver is designed to build your authority, your client base, and help you overtake your competitors. When we say we handle everything, we mean everything.

Why Us?

Clients love us! Why? Here are 3 reasons (among many)


We get real results.

One of the common themes we see with our clients is that they’ve been burned in the past by other marketing agencies who just couldn’t or wouldn’t get results.

We know that frustration all too well, and we’re tired of seeing people throw away tens of thousands of dollars on “help” that has no idea what they’re doing. Luckily for you, we have a perfect track record when it comes to helping new clients. Seriously.

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We're a true turnkey solution.

Hiring different agencies for your content, web design or SEO is inefficient and expensive. Coordinating these separate entities is frustrating and slow, which is why we offer everything you could possibly need under one roof.

Legal Legends is a well-oiled machine, and our service packages are meant to synergize with one another to deliver a working, fully functional marketing ecosystem that’ll bring you leads for years to come.

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We're awesome to work with.

Want a marketing agency that makes life easy for you? You’re in the right place.

Legal Legends is all about meeting deadlines, keeping promises, never making excuses, and relieving the burden of digital marketing from our clients’ shoulders. If you’re wondering how easy life could be when you don’t have to worry about marketing, wonder no more.

criminal defense law firm marketing


Frequently asked questions...

Can you really double my firm’s leads?

Good question. Here are the facts:

We have doubled leads (and more) for every client we’ve brought on within the first year of working together.

And when we talk about leads, we mean good leads—not just spam emails from people halfway around the world, but real prospects who are looking for a lawyer.

With that said, the only way to know for certain if our tactics and your firm are a match made in heaven is to get in touch with us.

How long will this take?

When we start on a new project, we’re attacking on multiple fronts to ensure quick results today and sustainable, massive results in the near future. Most clients can expect to see a substantial increase in traffic and leads within the first 9-12 months of working with us.

How much will this cost?

Probably a whole lot less than you think.

Legal Legends excels at getting the most bang for your buck, usually achieving better results than marketing agencies with twice the budget. If you’re looking for a fair deal, look no further.

How much will this cost?

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Getting your site to rank high in the search results for a variety of lucrative keywords is essential to win leads online—and this page is living proof of that.

When can we get started?

Just as soon as you can fill out our form below.

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Intelligent legal marketing takes Monument Immigration from startup to superhero.

Monument started off with virtually zero web presence, several years behind their competitors and looking for a leg up on the other immigration law firms in their area. Monument was faced with a hefty but unmotivated client base, and it was our job to show these prospects just how urgent it really is to process their immigration application quickly. With a killer lead magnet and a bevy of content to bust sales resistance, we positioned Monument as the place to get your application done quickly and accurately. Despite starting on the ground floor, Monument is now enjoying loads of new clients after a dose of Legal Legends’ aggressive marketing strategy.

more traffic
more calls
more form fills
more sales
5 star legal marketing review


legal marketing client
Because of Legal Legends, I went from getting virtually no leads to tons of hot leads coming in on a daily basis.
Mark Naugle

Founder @ Monument

legal website


Smarter strategies and better execution gets Davis & Sanchez 2X more monthly leads.

Davis & Sanchez were struggling to with a new site that failed to live up to their expectations. Their online debut had fallen short, but that’s nothing a little Legal Legends magic can’t fix. We totally rebuilt their site, complete with new content and an effective SEO plan that would reposition D&S as the area’ premier workers compensation law firm. With a fleet of new 5-star reviews and our killer local search optimization, the firm quickly found themselves pinned to the top of Google’s local search results, too. Bursting with authority and selling power, the new Davis & Sanchez had no trouble bringing in the leads—so much to the point that D&S were able to open up offices in two new states.

more traffic
more calls
more form fills
more sales
law firm marketing review


law firm marketing client
We were able to open a second office because of Legal Legends. Our lead volume and lead quality both skyrocketed after they took over.
Jacob Hill

Manager @ D & S

law firm website design


Montgomery Steele ditches their incompetent agency and finally gets real results.

Montgomery Steele’s fresh outlook on personal injury law was being held back by much bigger and more established firms with the marketing budget of a small country. To win in their highly competitive and crowded niche, we had to work smarter and harder than the other guys. No problem. Legal Legends helped them build a brand that stands head and shoulders above the rest, backed by powerful local, paid and organic search tactics to ensure Montgomery Steele is getting the search exposure they deserve. With clear brand messaging and a unique selling proposition, Montgomery Steele kicked their first year off with a bang instead of a whimper, proving that you don’t need to outspend the competition to come out on top.

more traffic
more calls
more leads
more sales
5 star law firm marketing review


law firm marketing client
Legal Legends redid our entire digital strategy from the ground up. We started getting hot leads just a few days after launching the new site, and things have snowballed from there.
JT Steele

Partner @ M & S

legal website developmet

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