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Meet Mark Sidway: Top Immigration Attorney

Attorney Profile

Meet Mark Sidway, a seasoned attorney at Legal Legends.

With two decades of experience in immigration law, Mark has consistently guided our clients through complex immigration cases, leading them smoothly to US citizenship.

A passionate advocate for immigrants, Mark embodies the expertise and dedication that makes Legal Legends the best choice for your immigration needs.

Whether you’re seeking US citizenship for personal reasons, for business, or to unite your family, Mark’s tailored approach ensures your unique needs are met. With deep knowledge of the American legal system and an empathetic ear, Mark makes the path to citizenship less daunting.

Legal Legends Approved

Mark’s excellent track record in immigration cases is recognized with our Legal Legends Approved seal. His meticulous approach to case preparation, extensive knowledge of immigration law, and unwavering commitment to clients have earned him this prestigious distinction.

Time and again, Mark has demonstrated his ability to successfully navigate intricate immigration regulations, safeguarding the dreams of countless individuals and families. His dedication to making US citizenship achievable is what truly sets him apart.

Notable Cases

Among Mark’s many successful cases, a few stand out. In one instance, he assisted the Rodriguez family, immigrants from Mexico, in a challenging family reunification case. Mark successfully navigated the case through complex immigration law, ensuring the family was successfully reunited on US soil.

In another case, Mark guided Mr. Ali, a business entrepreneur from India, through the EB-5 Immigrant Investor Program. His expertise proved invaluable, and Mr. Ali is now a successful business owner in the US.

Furthermore, Mark represented Ms. Zhang, a Chinese national seeking asylum. With Mark’s diligent advocacy, she was granted asylum, safeguarding her freedom and future.

3 Questions for Mark

1. What motivates you as an immigration attorney?
What motivates me is the opportunity to positively impact lives. I believe that everyone deserves a fair shot at pursuing the American dream, and I’m committed to making that possible.

2. How does Legal Legends set itself apart in immigration law?
At Legal Legends, we prioritize our clients’ needs and their path to citizenship. Our accessible, affordable, and diligent services are unparalleled. We boast an exceptional success rate, and our dedication to clients sets us apart in the industry.

3. What can clients expect when working with you?
Clients can expect a compassionate and committed advocate who will tirelessly work towards achieving their immigration goals. They will receive regular updates on their case status, a clearly outlined process, and expert guidance every step of the way.

When Mark’s your immigration attorney here’s what you get…

Personalized Case Handling
Every immigration case is unique. Mark will provide personalized attention to your case, ensuring your specific circumstances are carefully considered and your needs prioritized.

Relentless Advocacy
Mark will stand by your side, advocating tirelessly for your immigration rights. He’ll use his expertise to present the best case possible, maximizing your chances of success.

Clear Communication
Mark is dedicated to keeping you informed about your case’s progress and the immigration process. With Mark, you can expect regular updates, clear explanations, and answers to all your questions.

Lawyer Reviews & Ratings

“Mark was our beacon of hope during our immigration process. His professionalism and dedication were exceptional, always available for any doubts we had.”

– Rodriguez Family

“I was impressed by Mark’s knowledge and understanding of immigration law. He made my business immigration process smooth and hassle-free. Highly recommend him.”

– Mr. Ali

“Seeking asylum is a stressful process, but Mark was a solid pillar of support. His expert handling of my case made the whole experience less daunting.”

– Ms. Zhang

“Mark’s dedication to his clients is exceptional. He kept me informed throughout the process and was always available to answer my questions.”

– Anna Stewart

“I’m grateful to have had Mark by my side during my immigration process. He was professional, patient, and showed real commitment. Couldn’t recommend him more.”

– Samuel Jacobs

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