Local Search Domination for Lawyers: How to Put Your Firm on the Map

Local Search Domination for Lawyers: How to Put Your Firm on the Map

Currently, about 31% of all law firm-related traffic comes through mobile search, with that number sure to increase as more and more people own a smartphone. And among mobile searches, Maps listings are the most common listing that users will interact with.

Your law firm is a local business, meaning you NEED to optimize your listing to work well with Google Maps for each and every one of the locations you serve. This is law firm marketing 101.

One of the biggest reasons law firms can do well online is that most of the people looking for your services are ready to pull the trigger now. An authoritative, optimized Maps listing will only help your organic rankings and give you an extra result at the top of the search page (both an organic result and a local Maps result).

Google My Business Optimization for Lawyers

87% of people who contact a lawyer eventually hire a lawyer, and 72% of those people only contact one attorney. That means once your site has the visibility and authority to appear first in the search results, you have a really good shot at winning someone’s business.

With your Google Maps listing, potential clients have an opportunity to call you directly with a single tap of the finger, which is why local search is so important.

Legal Legends does everything it takes to optimize and populate your Google My Business listing with the data and information it needs to appear at the top of the map pack where it’s the easiest for prospects to find.

Citation Building and Data Aggregators

Citations are one way to show search engines that you have a legitimate business and aren’t just manipulating their algorithms to get more traffic. The three main elements of citations are:

  • Business name
  • Address
  • Phone number

The name of the game is finding authoritative citation opportunities and submitting consistent, accurate data for them. One of the ways we do that is by using data aggregators.

Data aggregators can be thought of as “super citations.” Typically, these entries take many months of waiting, verification of business tax documents, and payment of fees to be added to their database. Typically.

We’ve established solid working relationships with many of the top aggregators over the years (Acxiom, Factual, Infogroup, Neustar), letting us integrate your data faster and more reliably…at no added cost to your firm.

Structured Data Helps Your Site Get Found

Structured data refers to the HTML or Javascript code within your site that helps indexing web crawlers interpret what they’re “seeing” on your site.

Legal Legends uses structured data to:

  • Boost both organic and maps search results
  • Create social proof, such as using 5-star ratings in your search results (see image below)
  • Show search engines which practice areas you specialize in to get you the best targeted traffic
  • Help other sites sync up with your vital business information to display that info in relevant lists and directories online

How’s that for convincing?

Building Your Reputation

Social proof is a big deal, and even more so for local businesses like your law firm. Legal Legends gives you a system to reach out to clients strategically and organically to generate positive online reviews, helping build your reputation and authority as the top firm in town.

If your client has less-than-awesome feedback, we can even route them to an internal resolution track instead of asking them to post it online.

Social proof through online reviews is like modern word-of-mouth, and the more people that are speaking positively about your business, the more prospects will be willing to give you a call.

Dominate Local Search, Win ALL the Mobile Traffic

Local search is sadly overlooked by a lot of people (even many so-called marketing experts). Local SEO for attorneys and lawyers is part of a modern law firm marketing strategy that every firm should be investing in.

The fact is that local search optimization is only going to become more important as time goes on and more of your prospects are searching for your firm on their mobile devices, where the convenience of tapping your phone number just can’t be beat.

Legal Legends helps you stay ahead of the curve with Google My Business optimization, proper citation building, seamless data aggregation and collecting social proof from happy clients.

The end result is that your business is ready to compete against the fierce competition you face on the crowded Maps result page–and come out on top.