Legal Legends Launches Glacier Law

Legal Legends Launches Glacier Law

Legal Legends has just overhauled and launched Glacier Law. Check out what we’ve accomplished in the past month, and just imagine getting the same treatment for your law firm.

What Is Glacier?

Glacier is Kalispell, Montana’s premier personal injury and workers compensation law firm.

What Can Firms Like Glacier Expect in Their First Month with Legal Legends?

Glacier and our other clients get more in the first month that their site is launched than some marketing agencies deliver in six months, like:

  • A totally redesigned brand and logo
  • A website optimized to attract more traffic and keep more visitors interested
  • An organic search strategy implemented to crawl up the search results for our most lucrative, relevant keywords
  • New content for all of Glacier’s locations of interest, plus four blog posts to start assist our search strategy
  • Glacier’s first email sequence to stay in the minds of prospects who haven’t called for a consultation yet
  • Local search optimization to plant our flag squarely at the top of Google Maps
  • The launch of an effective paid search campaign to bring in immediate leads

Yes, that’s all in the first month.

What’s Next for Glacier?

We’re just getting started with Glacier, and we’ll continue to add and tweak until our client is up to his ears in new cases by:

  • Regularly building new content assets such as location pages, blog posts, lead magnets and new email sequences to help convert more leads and win more traffic
  • Continue to build links to grow our organic search presence
  • Tweak and refine paid ads to make them irresistible
  • Iterate on site design elements to make Glacier’s website flow as logically as possible for new visitors

In other words, Glacier Law is off to an awesome start, and we expect great things in the future.

And as always, if you’re interested in the Glacier treatment for your own firm, get in touch with us right away—we’re currently accepting a handful of new clients.