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Lead Magnets—Why Free Content is the Secret to Getting Free Leads for Your Firm

Lead Magnets—Why Free Content is the Secret to Getting Free Leads for Your Firm

“I used to think lead capture assets were tacky marketing techniques so I never bothered with them. Legal Legends put together an awesome eBook covering all of my clients’ most common questions and concerns that I’m positive was a big reason why more of my online leads are converting.”

—Mark Naugle, Monument Immigration

Like Mark, many lawyers are coming around to the power and value of a killer lead magnet. These assets have the power to produce crazy leads for your firm, so let’s dive into the basics and find out just why Legal Legends’ lead magnets work so darn well.

What is a Lead Magnet?

When you exchange something of value with a potential customer in exchange for their contact information (typically an email address), the piece of content you’re giving away is called a lead magnet.

You’ve probably seen hundreds or maybe thousands of lead magnets yourself, with the most common types of assets being free guides, ebooks or reports, often (but not always) delivered as a PDF.

While some people offer videos, courses, questionnaires, etc. as their lead magnets, we’ve found time and time again that the best type of asset for our clients tend to involve written content.

To sum it up, a lead magnet has one very important goal—to increase the number of relevant leads you receive for a specific offer.

Why Does Every Firm NEED a Lead Magnet?

Short answer? You need a lead magnet to make your life easier.

All of our digital marketing tactics revolve around funneling prospective clients down a series of paths that ultimately end with them calling or emailing you to set up a consultation.

Lead magnets are absolutely indispensable to win over people who aren’t quite ready to schedule a consultation with you. These assets bridge the gap between interested visitors and leads—hence the term “lead magnet.”

Lead magnets are going to insert prospects into our lead nurturing track where they’ll typically receive regular emails at set intervals after they’ve downloaded or viewed the original asset. The goal of these automated messages is to bring people who are still in the middle of the buying process back to YOUR firm once it’s time to make a decision.

Read more on our lead nurturing campaigns here.

Although you don’t earn a dime when a prospect signs up for your mailing list or downloads your lead magnet, this is still an extremely valuable transaction. People are jaded more than ever, and parting ways with precious, private contact information is a big step towards trusting your business.

Getting that email address tells you a lot about that person—they’re interested in your offer, and they’re possibly open to future marketing attempts.

But the thing is, nobody is going to hand over their email address or name if the thing you’re offering them isn’t worth something. Legal Legends excels at building powerful lead-winning assets for our clients that are packed full of info and advice your clients are dying to read.

Until you’ve got someone in the door and you’re able to talk with them face to face, your potential clients are going to be filled with questions (and possibly doubts) that you can’t answer fully. Lead magnets and other forms of online content help to destroy those sales objections and move people further along in the buying process.

How Do You Make a Successful Lead Magnet for Law Firms?

Some people have a hard time coming up with the topic and content of their lead magnets, which is exactly where we come in.

Once we’ve fleshed out your site with powerful messaging and learned all about your firm, it’s easy to entice powerful offers hooked to potent lead magnets for the demographics who matter most to your business.

Here’s how we do it:

  • Pick the right target: after chatting with you extensively and discovering who your customers really are, we’ll build out a list of ideal buyer personas that we’ll use for all future marketing efforts.
  • Choose your value proposition: what does your buyer persona need? For many law firms, clients feel overwhelmed by the thought of hiring a lawyer. Depending on your niche, your lead magnet might address those concerns and explain the first steps of the legal process to potential clients.
  • Name your lead magnet: naming your lead magnet is easy, and we do it using the same principles we might use to name your already-stellar blog posts.
  • Choose the type of asset you want to deliver: for a majority of clients, the tried-and-true ebook or guide will suffice. There’s no need to overly complicate things, and our goal is for prospects to receive whatever we promised them ASAP.

Land More Clients with Legal Legends’ High-Octane Lead Magnets

Building a powerful lead capture asset is one of the first steps towards online marketing dominance, and one of the most important goals we’ll accomplish for your firm.

Legal Legends’ lead magnets are designed to be punchier, more persuasive and more effective than anyone else’s. When you’re looking to guide prospects down the path to becoming new clients—fully automated and totally hands-free—get in touch with us ASAP and let’s get you set up with a turnkey solution to winning more leads online.


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