What Makes a Website Drive New Business for Law Firms?

What Makes a Website Drive New Business for Law Firms?

Here’s a bold claim:

Your website should be your best marketing tool.

Here’s another bold statement:

Most legal websites are terrible at influencing potential clients. Many law firm websites even drive more prospects away than they bring new ones in.

Legal Legends’ game plan is simple—build you a GREAT website that actively influences visitors and helps convert them to warm leads. We excel at taking underperforming legal sites and turning them into money-making machines. Here’s what separates the contenders from the pretenders…

Your Site MUST Be Built Around Your Sales Pitch

Influential, profitable websites are built around your sales pitch, bottom line. Any site that isn’t built around a pitch, just shouldn’t exist.

Every word, pixel, graphic, line of code, etc. needs to exist in support of your sales pitch. Pretty sites aren’t good enough—they need to sell.

What we’re getting at is that great sites are built by marketers first, and designers second. Way too many people get this hierarchy backwards and wind up paying for it big time.

We’ve written before about how your sales pitch needs to be based on what differentiates you from the competition, and your site must deliver that messaging clearly and consistently.

Your site exists to answer the question “why should a prospect choose your firm over another?”

Your Site Has to Look Good, Too

Marketers first, designers second—but that doesn’t mean Legal Legends delivers ugly sites.

On the contrary, we’re known for building beautiful legal sites with great graphics, influential color schemes, powerful fonts, contrasts and page breaks that make for an engaging scrolling experience, symmetry and balance, and the all-powerful Rule of 3.

There’s a whole lot that goes into designing an aesthetic and influential site, and we work hard to make sure your website is firing on all cylinders.

Your Site Must Be Technically Sound

Modern websites must be up-to-code to meet the demands of both Google and your users.

Your site has to be safe and secure, it needs to have top-notch hosting, and it has to be constructed on a solid back-end that’s both robust and simple to use.

When it comes to the technical side of things, Legal Legends’ sites can’t be beat.

Your Site Must Be Mobile Responsive

A vast majority of users are conducting online searches from devices that are smaller than your average computer screen, including phones and tablets.

My firm’s site looks amazing on all mobile devices. It’s made a huge difference in terms of leads since Legal Legends put up the new site.
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Your site has to look perfect on ALL devices or you risk losing potential clients due to UI issues, or even face penalties from Google that’ll cause your search rankings to drop. Considering SEO for law firms is competitive and expensive, you don’t want to lose any hard earned rankings because of some design issues.

And with the hundreds of popular smartphones and tablets out there, you’ll be glad to have a website that loads and renders as smooth as butter.

Your Site Must Be Master Planned

To get off on the right foot, you’ll need your site to be built and supported correctly from the very beginning. It’s a whole lot easier to get your ducks in a row rather than wasting time and money correcting mistakes in a month or a year.

Legal Legends’ sites:

  • Support and drive PPC strategy
  • Support and drive SEO strategy
  • Enhance lead nurturing capabilities
  • Lay the foundation for your firm’s marketing and sales efforts

To say there’s a lot riding on the success of your site is a huge understatement—that’s why we’re so serious about doing it right the first time so there is no second time.

Your Site Must Be Packed with Great Content

Content is still king, but a king needs a castle—that’s where your website comes in.

Your site is a vehicle to deliver potent, hypnotic sales messaging, attention-grabbing headlines, supporting pieces that exude personality, informational posts that eliminate doubt and build authority, and powerful CTAs that aim to grow your flow of leads.

Your content cannot exist without a site, and your site cannot exist without content. By giving your words a stage to shine, you’re going to make it easy for prospects to find the information they need and schedule the consultations they deserve—with you.

Your Site Must Funnel Prospects to Your CTA

CTAs come in several forms:

  • Soft (get something for free). These are for visitors who aren’t quite ready to become a standard lead. To keep them intrigued, we’re going to send them something of informational value in exchange for their email address.
  • Hard (form fill). Using a form that reiterates your sales pitch in a punchy way, we’ll collect essential personal information needed to win leads.
  • Call. Calling your office requires more of an investment than other actions, and these leads tend to be hotter than others.

Depending on your law firm’s marketing goals (and you may have several), your site has to naturally lead people to your CTAs. If you want tons of prospects calling your office to schedule a consultation, you’d better make sure your site is designed to shepherd those visitors to a CTA with your phone number.

Your Website Should Be Built By Legal Legends

One final bold claim:

Nobody builds legal sites quite like we do—ours are the best on the planet, bar none.

law firm website design and development

Our websites are proven to convert across multiple case studies, and we’ve spent years honing down our process to both win traffic and convert leads specifically for lawyers.

Besides building sites that actually work, we put ours up lightning fast, too. And on top of that, Legal Legends is constantly iterating to find the perfect formula to drive leads to your law firm.

If you’re looking for a site that’ll make you the Apple of your niche (totally hands-off while you sit back and focus on your business, by the way), you’re looking for a site by Legal Legends.