Law Firm Sales Pitch Development 101: How to Influence Prospects Better than Your Competitors

Law Firm Sales Pitch Development 101: How to Influence Prospects Better than Your Competitors

Want to grow your law firm with tons of new clients? If so, one of the key pieces you’ll need to figure out is exactly how to solidify and perfect your sales pitch.

Rather than just tossing up a site and hoping that leads will magically appear out of thin air, you’ll need to build your site around your sales pitch.

It’s our humble opinion that sites that don’t support or deliver a pitch are pretty much worthless. The alarming thing is that more than half of the new clients we take on every year either don’t focus on their pitch, don’t know what their pitch is, or deliver a pitch so halfheartedly that it might as well not be there.

A solid sales pitch answers WHY someone should choose you over the other guys, plain and simple. And if the foundation of a great law firm website is a great pitch, then the foundation of a great pitch is communicating differentiation.

Differentiate or Die

Lawyers know as well as anyone that business tends to be pretty cutthroat. Customers don’t owe you a thing—it’s up to you to tell them why you’re the best firm in town.

Every person on the planet is programmed to follow their own self-interest and make the best decisions possible, and the thing people are looking for most is value.

Want your firm to scream value? Tell customers why you’re different and better than their other options, and both their logical and emotional brain will have nowhere else to turn.

There are two aspects to every business—internal reality and external perception. Your differentiating factors can be based purely on reality…or not.

While the internal reality of your firm may be that little sets you apart from your competitors, it’s pretty darn easy to showcase aspects of your business in ways that blow the competition out of the water (even if those features are virtually identical to the other guys).

If that sounds shady, it’s really not.

Beer companies, for example, all tend to brew their beer at pretty cold temperatures, and they recommend you serve their beer ice-cold, too. Coors can say their beer is brewed “as cold as the Rockies” or whatever else they want, and that messaging sticks in your head—Coors is really cold, and therefore really refreshing.

In reality, Coors might be brewed at exactly the same temperature as Budweiser or Heineken or any of the other thousands of competitors out there. But because they made a point out of differentiating based on their brewing temperature, that becomes a benefit of choosing Coors…and Coors only.

Messaging Your Differentiation

Once you’ve decided what sets you apart, it’s time to figure out which words, phrases and taglines you’ll use to make that idea stick in the minds of your prospects.

Your law firm’s messaging has to be consistent on all fronts—from brochures to your website to the way you speak to people over the phone. Consistent messaging reinforces your differentiating factors over and over again until your customers begin to automatically associate you with those ideas.

For example, if you brand your personal injury firm as a team of fighters with endless energy, the last thing you want to do is deliver an inconsistent experience that leaves clients wondering whether the fire they see in one medium or the lethargy the read in another is the real you.

It’s easy for people to spot fakes, and one of the biggest red flags is being inconsistent.

Wrapping it Up into Your Sales Pitch

Alright, so you’ve figured out what makes you different (or what you want people to think makes you different).

Next, you figured out the specific messaging to use to make your point.

Now, we need to decide what the right sequence of your messaging should be.

This sequencing is nothing more than forming an argument for choosing your firm. You craft arguments for judges; we craft arguments for potential clients.

After you’ve figured out the basics, crafting your argument is pretty easy. Just like a house, your argument is based on a foundation (assumptions), support beams (evidence), and a roof (your conclusion).

Once you’ve laid out the details and organized your thoughts, it’s simple to create a logical, powerful sales pitch that’s sure to bring in tons of new leads.

Translating Your Sales Pitch for a Digital Experience

We’re almost there, but the final step is making sure your pitch is primed and ready to go for folks online.

It’s nice to think that every picture, color choice and word you choose is going to be appreciated by everyone who visits your site. But the reality is that very few people are going to pick apart the details of your website—a majority only read your headlines, after all.

Creating a pitch that speaks to both the skimmers and in-depth readers out there will ensure you’re reaching the biggest audience possible without alienating potential clients who either don’t feel like wading through walls of text or want to delve as deep as possible before making an informed decision.

Creating the ultimate legal digital marketing experience has to take this reality into account, and that just so happens to be one of our specialties.

Expert Help for Crafting Your Sales Pitch

Over the years we’ve gotten really good at helping firms define and message their sales pitches. We believe perfecting your pitch is so crucial that our entire marketing process hinges on getting your pitch ready for prime time.

Emails, web content, design, SEO, you name it…without the right sales pitch, your marketing efforts are doomed to mediocrity and your firm is doomed to underperformance.

With just a tiny change to our firm’s sales pitch, Legal Legends turned our whole online operation around and made our existing traffic way, way more profitable.
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We’re serious about this stuff, and you should be too. Just poke around Legal Legends’ site, and you’ll see that we practice what we preach.