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Insurance Huckster Tries to Cheat Client — And Fails

Legal Legends takes on another insurance company and wins big.

Insurance Huckster Tries to Cheat Client — And Fails

Ramona was in a devastating car crash with an uninsured driver. Ramona chose not to hire an attorney—because her own insurance adjuster promised everything would be taken care of.

After months of medical treatment, Ramona received her insurance check—for less than $20,000. She accepted the check, but afterwards Ramona’s symptoms worsened. The insurance company refused to help, so Ramona decided to hire a Legal Legend.

With the attorney she found on Legal Legends, the insurance company quickly changed their tune. Her new lawyer won Ramona an additional $150,000 on top of her original check, and Ramona was finally able to pay for her medical bills.

“I expected my case to take forever and to be really exhausting. My attorney made the process go so much smoother than I expected!”

Settlement: $170,000


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