A Modern Law Firm Marketing Plan & Strategy: How To Market A Law Firm The Legal Legends Way

A Modern Law Firm Marketing Plan & Strategy:  How To Market A Law Firm The Legal Legends Way

The legal world has been becoming more and more saturated since the early 2000’s. This has caused most law firms, especially small and startup law firms to struggle finding qualified leads and ultimately getting new clients. The pressure of competition is growing and only going to continue to grow in the future. Most law firms rely on advertising & as a result law firm advertising cost and competition is only going to increase over time.

This is why we have built our entire agency around law firm marketing specifically.

Here at Legal Legends we’ve seen this trend 1st hand for years. Hands down the most common reason lawyers are looking for digital marketing for their law firm is because they are struggling to get new clients outside of word of mouth methods.

Not only that, but many law firms tell us they are struggling to find new talent as well!

Here at Legal Legends we’ve been able to solve both of those problems for many law firms using the right digital lawyer marketing strategies . Specifically focusing on digital marketing plans for lawyers & attorneys.

Whether you are a small law firm and looking for small law firm marketing ideas and strategies, or a family law attorney looking for family law marketing plans it doesn’t matter. In this post we are going to share our entire proven online marketing for lawyers formula that we’ve used to double countless leads of both small and large firms across all law types unanimously.

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What Is Law Firm Marketing

What exactly is “law firm marketing” in the digital age? Simply put it focuses on 3 main objectives:

  • Attracting the right qualified traffic to your website
  • Building your website from the ground up around your unique sales pitch which converts that traffic into leads
  • Converting those leads into clients using cutting edge marketing automation for lawyers techniques

This isn’t rocket science, this is inbound marketing for lawyers 101. Other law firms are catching on to this system already. In order for your law firm to be competitive you need to execute this strategy better than your competition. Hands down. It is as simple as that.

Lawyer online marketing is easy to understand but hard to pull off.

So if you constantly find your mind ruminating on questions like “How do I get new clients for my law firm?” or “How to I attract legal talent?” You’ve come to the right place.

This post will lay out exactly what you need to do to solve both of those problems. And if you need help executing this plan (let’s be honest you probably will), get a free marketing evaluation! We can do it cheaper and faster than any in-house talent you will be able to hire and it doesn’t hurt to get more information on how much it will take to make your digital marketing for attorney’s plan actualized.

There are only a handful of key law firm marketing ideas that you need to focus on to make your dreams a reality. By executing on these core ideas you will outrank, outperform, outclose and ultimately outclass your competition.

But don’t just take our word for it. Check out our case studies using the exact method below and let the results speak for themselves!

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The core concepts you want to understand are the following:

Marketing for legal firms is our specialty so if you are finding yourself asking the question, ” Just how do you market a law firm?” believe us when we say it’s actually really simple. You really only need to understand the follow concepts:

  • Build The Right Foundation:
  • Build your law firm’s website around your unique sales pitch and turn it into essentially a 24/7 digital high performing sales rep is the first step in marketing for lawyers like yourself. Turning your website int a sales rep will pay off enormously in the future, not to mention it is a sales rep you don’t have to pay any commission to! The best law firm websites are built around this concept from the ground.

  • Invest in Content & SEO For The Long Run:
  • Invest In Content Marketing For Lawyers & SEO For Lawyers: Ranking high on Google for your terms is highly competitive but once you do, you get a steady stream of hot qualified traffic every month for free. This is one of the most effective areas to focus on when looking into the marketing of legal services. Plus people put lots of stock and trust in Google, ranking high on Google subconsciously in the users mind makes your law firm appear highly qualified and an authority.

  • Commit To Cracking The PPC Code For Your Law Firm:
  • Effective lawyer marketing uses PPC to wisely attract qualified leads at a cost that allows you to maintain a high ROI on advertising costs. Initially it takes some budget to refine, but once you crack the code you will have a steady stream of leads that are safe from any major Google updates that affect your organic rankings. Not to mention the results are immediate making PPC a great fit for marketing for small law firms trying to get the ball rolling and catch up to their bigger competitors.

  • Don’t Neglect Google Maps & Local SEO For Your Law Firm.
  • This is one of the most overlooked areas your competition or any online law practice is probably ignoring…for the time being. Get a head start now!

  • Invest In Social Media Marketing For Attorneys:
  • Marketing your law firm with social media can be used to attract clients, talent and build trust with past clients and ultimately lead to more referrals. It may seem like a waste posting in the beginning as much like SEO results take time. But once the ball is rolling, it rolls hard in your favor.

  • Start Your Online Reputation Management Now.
  • Reputation management for lawyers is not something you should put off until you have a bad review. Legal online marketing requires you to be proactive instead of reactive. No matter what bad reviews and press will occur eventually. Even the best of attorney’s get negative press occasionally. By incentivizing your clients to leave warm reviews and flooding the internet with positive reviews in relation to your brand early, when the inevitable bad review happens it will be buried before it gains any ground. It’s better to be ahead of the game then playing catch up.

  • Extract The Maximum Value From Your Leads & Clients With Email Marketing.
  • Email marketing for lawyers is hands down the best way to ensure you extract the most value out of every lead, every client and every contact. You work hard to build the right website, attract the right traffic and convert that traffic into leads. Don’t squander your leads once you have them. Use email marketing to stay in front of your leads. This improves close rates, referrals, reviews and more. If you are doing digital marketing for lawyers and not doing email automation, you are missing out big time.

  • Analyze, Track & Measure Everything:
  • Better data = better results. Plain and simple. It may be a pain to set up all your tracking up front but do not put it off. The more comprehensive the data and the farther that comprehensive data goes back, the more powerful decisions you can make based on fact. Because of the high competition levels marketing for law firms requires the best data so you can see how to outperform your competition with clarity and ease.

We will go through our law firm internet marketing system in more detail for each of these areas and more. By the time you get done reading this article you will have an extremely solid understanding of what it takes to win at marketing for attorneys in the online game. Just from reading this article alone you will be light years ahead of your average competitor.

If you are interested in legal marketing services feel free to reach out and get a free marketing evaluation which includes what your competition is doing and you are not!

Now that have gone over the key elements to marketing a law practice and what marketing plans for law firms should focus on, lets take a deeper dive into each concept and get into the nitty gritty how how Legal Legends has doubled every law firms leads we have every worked with.

marketing ideas for small law firms

1 – Transform Your Law Firm’s Website Into A Digital 24/7 Sales Machine

All things digital marketing for law firms begins and ends with your website. This is arguably the most important part of marketing for a law firm. Especially for small law firm marketing plans this step is crucial. We often refer to it as the “foundation” for good reason. All the traffic in the world, even if that traffic is free does you no good if your website doesn’t convert your traffic into qualified leads that you can take through your sales process.

We’ve laid out exactly in detail how to build your website around YOUR sales pitch to maximize conversion rate of your hard earned traffic. This is exactly what we do for our clients and what any legitimate law firm marketing services should do. It’s all about your law firm’s sales pitch development.

In short you need to build your law firms website around two major factors:

  • First : Why somebody needs a lawyer in the first place. Specifically why they need a lawyer in your specific niche of law?
  • Second : Why somebody should choose your over your competition.

There is much more method behind the madness but from a high level, the above two questions are the crux of any good law firm’s sales pitch and the cornerstone of website marketing for law firms.

how to market a law firm

1.1 – Make Sure Your Site Loads Fast

According to polls some where around 47% of the population expects a site to load in under 3 seconds or they bounce. With so much effort and investment attracting traffic your law firm simply cannot afford to make this critical error. Specifically because the legal field is an industry when somebody needs a lawyer, they usually need one RIGHT NOW! Most people hire the first lawyer they talk to.

Because there is no shortage of lawyers to say the least, you need to maximize the conversion rate of every click you get. Ensuring your site loads fast is one of the simplest and easiest ways to do just that. When working out the specifics of building a website for law firms, site speed should be a top priority.

  • Pro Tip : Go to Google’s page speed insights and test your site right now. If it scores low enough in the red, get your internal team or call us to fix it immediately. You are missing out on leads!

law firm marketing and SEO for lawyers: desktop vs mobile google search

1.2 – Your Website Needs To Be Mobile Friendly

Another crucial component of internet marketing for lawyers and effective websites for lawyers is how mobile friendly the website is. Why is this so important? Over 57% of searches in the US happen on mobile devices vs desktop computers. Think of the last time you ran across a website on your phone that wasn’t optimized well. The buttons are too small, copy gets cut of, you cant access the menu and trying to navigate horrendous design and user experience. Chances are like us, you don’t waste much time before you hit the back button and take your business elsewhere.

Here is the thing about making your law firm’s website mobile responsive. You can’t just order responsiveness from Amazon or install some turnkey solution of a plug in. It takes coding expertise with a design eye to ensure that no matter what device or screen size a user is accessing your site with, they have a seamless sales experience that is beautiful from start to finish.

Here at Legal Legends each of our websites built specifically for attorneys just like you are built from the ground up to look perfect on every single device known to mankind.

If you are serious about wanting to marketing your law firm, you cannot neglect mobile devices.

  • Pro Tip : Test your website on your phone. Test it on your ipad. Test it on different screen sizes. You can quickly check multiple screen sizes and simulate multiple devices by opening up your website on your desktop internet browser and resizing your window to all sorts of sizes and see how your website looks. Ask yourself the following questions:
    1. Do your buttons work?
    2. Does your menu display and function properly?
    3. Are the photos sized and formatted correctly?
    4. Is the text large enough to read?
    5. Does anything look weird?

law firm marketing plan sample

1.3 – Your Law Firm’s Website Should Be Beautiful & An Elite User Experience

People make snap judgments so quickly it is essentially instinct. Once your website loads (ideally quickly) a user forms their initial opinion in ~ 0.05 seconds. It happens so fast it is not conscious. Couple that with the fact that 48% of people cite a websites design as the number one factor in gauging the credibility of the business.

This means not unlike your site speed, you cannot afford to lose any hard earned traffic to bad design. This is lawyer website marketing 101 ladies and gentlemen.

Due to the subconscious nature of forming opinion based on a websites design, all visual elements of your site need to be built to influence trust, authority and certainty. This applies for your color scheme, photos, fonts, calls-to-action and more. If it is visual, you need to intelligently formulate how to influence users with any given visual elements to feel the emotions you want them to feel. Thus pushing them toward becoming a lead you can take action on.

Furthermore the website needs to function intuitively and easily. Meaning you don’t want users to experience any confusion or resistance. They need to be able to find what they are looking for without having to aimlessly poke around or get lost. You don’t want users to feel annoyed but rather 100% completely satisfied.

Luckily here at Legal Legendsyour friendly neighborhood legal marekting service we’ve already cracked the code and formulated exactly what it takes to create a world class law firm brand and elite visual identity.

Internet marketing for law firms is hard enough as it is, don’t make it harder with a website that looks like crap and is confusing.

  • Pro Tip : Ask your friends and family to navigate through your website both on desktop and mobile devices. See if they can navigate easily without any help from you. If they have trouble finding information or understanding anything, your potential clients are having the same issues. Also pay attention to their interest level and engagement. IF they act , look or feel disinterested. You need to revamp your design.

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2 – Invest in Content & SEO For The Long Run

Do law firms need SEO? You better believe it. Legal marketing companies worth even a single grain of salt will unanimously agree across the board you need to invest in SEO. We cannot understate the value of investing in SEO for your law firm. Organic traffic in our opinion is the highest quality and most valuable form of traffic on the internet. There are a few reasons for this:

  • Once you get it, organic traffic is almost free:
  • SEO for attorney’s and lawyers is extremely competitive as legal marketing firms across the country are battling it our for these rankings. Once you achieve the rankings maintaining them comes at a fraction of the cost it takes to acquire them in the first place. This means once you are attracting traffic from organic rankings you get the leads that traffic produces month after month and year after year at an extremely low cost. Much lower than paid traffic sources. Thus your ROI on organic traffic is often above 500%. The longer you rank, the higher the ROI gets.

  • Organic traffic users already trust you:
  • When you rank high on Google or other search engines, people already perceive you as an authority. We talked about how quickly users judge your brand based on design. When you rank high users perceive you as being “google approved” they trust the search engines to show them legitimate law firms. So when a user lands on your law firms website from a organic ranking in a search engine. They already before seeing your site view you as an authority. They are that much more likely to turn into a lead you can take action on.

Because of the nature of SEO being “a marathon and not a sprint” coupled with the fact that lawyer marketing services have made the space extremely competitive, make the commitment now to invest in the long term SEO health and performance of your website.

It will pay off. We know this because we’ve used SEO for law firms to transform our client’s businesses. Check out our case studies illustrating just that.

2.1 – Your Website Should Show Up On High The First Page Of Google & Other Search Engines

In order to enjoy the benefits of online legal marketing and the organic traffic mentioned above, not only do you need to rank on Google and other search engines, you have to rank high on the first page. This is because most users don’t check all 10 websites ranking for any given search query. The top ranking results capture the lions share of profitable traffic.

The best law firm website will and does just that.

The higher you are on page 1, the more of the clicks you will recieve. Every indsutry is different but an average of clicks vs position can be found below:

  • Position 1 – 20.5%
  • Position 2 – 13.32%
  • Position 3 – 13.14%
  • Position 4 – 8.98%
  • Position 5 – 9.21%
  • Position 6 – 6.73%
  • Position 7 – 7.61%
  • Position 8 – 6.92%
  • Position 9 – 5.52%
  • Position 10 – 7.95%

You can see after position 3, you are not capturing much of the overall traffic available. That is why when we do search engine optimization for law firms we focus on getting as many keywords into the top 3 positions as possible.

Anything less won’t do.

High rankings and subsequent organic traffic is so powerful that we’ve had multiple clients open new locations, massively expand and hire new talent as well as more than double revenue off leads derived from the organic traffic aspect of our online marketing for attorneys product alone.

In order to achieve these types of valuable rankings you need to split SEO into two conceptual categories:

  • On page SEO : This is optimizing your site in a way that the Google bot prefers.
  • Off page SEO : This is getting other websites to link to your website increasing the overall authority of your site.

On Page SEO

There is a large amount of factors you need to optimize on your website in order to get your on page SEO on par or ahead of your competition. Some are more effective than others. Since marketing law firms is our shtick this is why we have a 200 points plus audit we use on our clients sites to ensure we are extracting every bit of SEO power for our clients as possible.

200 points is too much for the purposes of this post, if you are interested in the full audit you can get a free law firm marketing evaluation.

However we have compiled a list of the most common and most powerful on page SEO elements you can check your own law firm’s website with:

  • Title Tags – These are the tags in your meta data the Google bot reads to get an idea of what your website and pages are about. Ideally you want your title tags to have at least one of your keywords in them.
  • Keywords & Copy Length – Google likes long, dense and heavy content. Making sure your pages have at least 1300 words or more plus are peppered with your most valuable keyword combinations will go along way. Especially if your competition hasn’t optimized their content yet.
  • Internal Linking – This is linking to different pages of your own website in the copy of other pages. By linking to various pages within your own site using keywords you want the target pages to rank for, you are telling the Google bot what keywords it should rank your pegs for.
  • Optimize Your Images – Each image on your website in the back-end code has a spot for what it called an “alt tag” this is another place you can place relevant keywords you want your page to rank for and send even more signals to the Google bot.
  • Add Schema For Lawyers & Attorneys- Schema is backend code that helps further tell the Google bot more information about the page and website it is crawling. Adding this is also another way to improve your relevance to the keywords you want to rank for.
  • Off site link-building for Local & Traditional SEO- Link-building is one of the most effective tools in your control to improve and influence rankings both with traditional SEO and Local SEO. We will talk more about this further down because it is a such a powerful tool.
  • Content Marketing Utilizing a content marketing plan for lawyers is another tool that is so powerful we will dedicate an entire section further down in the post. For now know that it is one of the most important areas to focus on.
  • Pro Tip : Open an incognito window in your web browser. Go to Google and search your specific law type + any applicable location. Search the first 5 pages of Google to see if your law firm is showing up. Repeat this process for 4 -5 of the most valuable search phrases in your mind. If you are not on the 1st page for all your target keywords you need to contact someone about SEO. This is not a DIY type of thing. Especially in the legal world as the competition is fierce and only getting fiercer.

attorney marketing plan

2.2 – Invest in Content Marketing For Law Firms On Top Of SEO

We just got done talking about how crucial and effective SEO for law firms is for marketing a law firm overall. What we didn’t tell you is that content marketing for lawyers is a massive part of SEO. Any good SEO will tell you that content is upwards to half the battle along with everything we listed in the above section.

But there is even a better second reason to invest in content for your law firm. Lets say you magically ranked for all your best keywords tomorrow. Your site is flooded with hot profitable traffic that any lawyer in their right mind would salivate over. Except when that traffic lands on your site, your content is weak. Written poorly, it doesn’t leverage you as a trusted authority or someone they can count on….You miss out on the value of that organic traffic.

With weak content little to none of that highly valuable organic traffic is going to translate to leads you can take action on.

Much like how we mentioned the importance of design to subtly influence your visitors to perceive you in a way that will nudge them into becoming a hot lead, content does the same thing execpt its not subconscious.

With content you flat out tell a user why they need your services and why they need to choose you over your competition.

Good content helps with SEO, great content helps with SEO AND convinces your users to choose you. All the top law firm websites understand this concept.

Here are some questions to ask yourself:

  • When was the last time you read through all the copy on your website while putting yourself in the frame of mind a typical visitor may have?
  • Do you have a blog?
  • Is your website copy built around your sales pitch?
  • Pro Tip : Brainstorm a content plan for your website. Start with your main services and work out from there. Make sure to focus on why a visitor needs your service and why they should hire you as opposed to your competition. Once that is done move on to brainstorming your blog. Focus on answering the most common questions, concerns and sales objections you’ve encountered in your practice.

law firm marketing plan

3 – Expand Your Net to PPC, Social Media & Email Marketing

We’ve spent lots of time talking about the importance of SEO for legal firm marketing and for good reason. But organic traffic is not the only way you can get qualified traffic to your law firms website.

Effective lawyer web marketing also entails expanding to other traffic sources and claiming as much digital real estate as possible is part of any good law firm marketing plan.

Common areas you want to focus on to expand your legal marketing plans are:

  • Google Maps / Google My Business – This is often reffered to as “local SEO” Maps optimizations for your law firm is an easy way to show up for keywords, even if you don’t rank for them.
  • Lawyer Directories – Sites like Avvo and their competitors already rank for many lawyer related terms across the whole country. By getting listed on these directories you can piggy back on thier rankings as well as get some links to your website which helps your own rankings.
  • Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising – PPC is a great way to get qualified traffic immediately without having to wait for your organic rankings to pick up. Here at Legal Legends we use PPC for your law firms advertising to get you leads immediately. The best lawyer ads get you making money in the short them which you can re-invest into your organic and SEO strategies. Let your clients pay to build your organic rankings, you don’t have to front all the money yourself! Plus when cracking the PPC code, you can get leads and new clients with a solid ROI. You are basically printing money. The best lawyer advertising methods revolve around this concept.
  • Social Media – Social media channels are great for paid ads to attract new customers as well as great for mining your existing customers for reviews and referrals. Don’t sleep on getting your social media law firm plans into action now.

We will go over each of the above sections more in depth and how they fit into the total marketing for attorneys and law firms picture further down. Make sure that you are committed to expanding your digital real estate as far as possible. This will future proof your firm from growing competition in the future. It’s much easier to maintain than play catch up!

law firm marketing ideas

3.1 – Stake Your Claim With Local SEO & Maps Optimizations

The local pack search results for law office marketing is most likely one of the areas your competition is lacking. We’ve found here at Legal Legends that one of the quickest areas we can leverage to double our clients leads is by focusing on local SEO for law firms.

Law practice marketing using Local SEO involves getting your Google My Business listing to show up in the map pack when someone searches an applicable term in your surrounding area.

One of the biggest benefits of showing up in the map pack is when Google serves a user results for a search query the map pack is above the organic rankings. This means if you show up in the top 3 of the map pack you actually are above the #1 spot in the organic rankings! This means you can short cut your way to the top of the results pages for people searching in your area. This is like a internet marketing for attorneys cheat code!

Your welcome.

Google pulls information for the map pack from your Google My Business account. This is why you must claim your GMB listing ASAP if you haven’t already. It is the first step to domination the map pack for your law firm.

Another easy method to help you show up better in the map pack is finding online directories relevant for lawyers and getting a listing live. Some of them are free and some of them are paid. We recommend at the very least getting listings on the free ones. Some of the top directories here at Legal Legends your premier law firm marketing agency recommend using are:

  • Avvo
  • FindLaw
  • Nolo
  • Lawyers.com
  • Justia
  • Best Lawyers
  • Law Guru
  • Law Info

You can find the master list of our top favorite directores here.

  • Pro Tip – If you haven’t’ already find and claim your Google My Business listing and update the following to match the information already on your website. It is imperative that the information in your GMB account matches the information on your website, otherwise Google will not show you in the map pack.

  • Phone Number
  • Address
  • Business Hours
  • Reviews

law firm marketing plan template

3.2 – Crack The PPC Code For Your Law Firm

We briefly mentioned this above in the beginning of this section but PPC for lawyers is a great way to grow your law firm, get new business and essentially have your clients pay for your marketing efforts. One of the better attorney marketing ideas we’ve developed;)

You’ve probably notices when asking around online how to market your law firm everybody is talking about PPC. Pay per click is like legal website marketing steak and potatoes. For many law firms, it’s the main source of leads for good reason.

It can be wildly effective.

They way PPC works is you run ads for keywords that are applicable to your law firm and practice type. You only pay for the ad if someone clicks on the ad and lands on your website.

PPC in the legal world is admittedly very expensive, but if you have built your site around your sales pitch, designed it elegantly and have powerful sales copy it doesn’t matter. Those clicks will turn into leads and those leads will turn into sales.

So you may end up paying $300 dollars to get a new client, but the average case for most lawyers is much more than that.

The other factor you must realized when it comes to running paid ads for your law firm is that the paid ads sit above both the map pack AND the organic listing.

So essentially you can pay to be the #1 spot for any given keyword or search query immediately. If you are willing to pay the price. This can be worth it easily if your law firm digital marketing is built around a website that converts. Then you can afford to pay the premium price to shoot up to the #1 spot immediately and still have a healthy ROI.

Remember how we mention that the higher rankings search results got most of the clicks? Well when you have paid ads and map packs on top of organic search results, that skews the number.

If there are paid ads showing up on any given query, and in the legal world almost every keyword has paid ads on it. You can bet that the majority of the clicks are going to the top 3 paid ads because they appear as the actual top 3 results to the user.

Most users don’t notice the difference between paid ads and an organic listing.

This means even if you’ve accomplished a top 3 organic ranking fora keyword, you are probably still missing out on clicks due to paid ads. That is why here at Legal Legends we run paid ads even on keywords we rank for. This ensures we are taking up more than one spot on the search engine result page and capture even more clicks.

If you combine that with a map pack listing, you can potentially have 3 spots on the 1st page. This is what the average law firm marketing company refers to as the “holy trifecta” It’s the point where your law firm will be buried with so many leads you won’t know what to do with them.

  • Pro Tip : Search for your law type and your location. Do you see paid ads showing up? Are they your competition? Now search for the brand name of your law firm. Do you see paid ads for your competition? IF so they are running ads on your brand name stealing traffic from your brand recognition! This is one of the most common attorney marketing strategies that many lawyers are unaware is happening to them. IF it is happening to you, you need to talk to a PPC for lawyers & attorneys expert immediately.

marketing ideas for law firms

3.3 – Yes, You Do Need To Invest In Social Media

Must my law firm have a Facebook page? A Instagram page? Must I be on social media? Do most attorney marketing services include social media?

Yes, a resounding yes. Because upwards to 95% of millennials expect a brand to be on Facebook and social media in general. But it’s not just the millennials those numbers are in the 70 – 80% range for older age groups.

Social media presence at it’s most simple is a trust signal that users use to decide who is legit and who isn’t.

The other benefit to your law firm by being on social media is it humanizes your brand. Lawyers in general already have a bad reputation among the average population. Attorneys are known for being money hungry, shady business practitioners. Social media is a great way for you to combat this stereotype and show people that you are in fact just people to.

The next question is what social media platforms should you be focusing on. Well, that is an easy question to answer. IF you are marketing towards customers like a divorce attorney would, then Facebook would be a great place.

Conversely, if you marketing towards businesses like legal counsel for business would, then LinkedIn would be a better bet.

The last benefit for investing in social media for your law firm is that it has a small boost to your SEO efforts. Social media doesn’t directly influence SEO but it indirectly can boost your performance in the following ways:

  • Increased traffic to your website and increased
  • Increased brand recognition
  • Broader content distribution
  • Higher engagement on your site
  • Improved local SEO

Keep in mind that due to the nature of modern social platforms it is a bit of a “pay to play” situation. It isn’t nearly as expensive as ppc ads, but you do need to set aside a moderate budget to get the ball rolling on social media. Otherwise your content won’t get seen, even by those who like and follow your pages.

lawyer advertising examples

4 – Maximize Lead and Client Value With Email Marketing

Email marketing for law firms is another area in our legal marketing agency experience your competition probably isn’t leveraging this tactic and its easy pickings for you to one up your competition and get ahead.

Email marketing specifically for law firms in our experience is highly effective for the following situations:

  • Conversions – Generally speaking it takes 6 – 8 touch points to generate a viable sales lead. Not everyone is ready to give their information out when they land on your site for the first time. By offering something free in exchange for an email you can put those emails on a automated drip campaign that keeps bringing them back to your site. Week after week and month after month. What happens every time they come back to your site? Well if it is built around your sales pitch, designed right and has powerful sales content. They get exposed to your pitch over and over until they become a lead you can take action on. IF you are building a law firm web marketing funnel, you must implement this or your funnel will only be operating at a fraction of it’s potential.
  • Referrals – As you probably know most people who need a lawyer, need one again at a later time in life at least once. Often time much more than that. That means with every new client you acquire you have the chance to build some brand loyalty and be come their lawyer for life. You have the chance to become their sisters, brothers, dads, moms, friends, cousins lawyer for life too. By putting your clients on an automated email track incentivizing them or even simply just asking them to send you referrals, you can accomplish this easy.
  • Reviews – Similar to above, by putting your past clients on a track built to nudge them towards leaving you favorable reviews online you can bolster your brand, improve local and national SEO and stay ahead of the reputation management for law firms game.

Lawyer Marketing Strategies

5 – None Of It Matters Without The Right Tracking, Reporting and Analytics

There is no worse feeling than dumping a bunch of money into a legal marketing strategy and having it produce little to no results. Because of the rising competition level in the legal field it’s even more imperative that you base your decisions on data to mitigate the risk of wasted marketing budgets. We’d also recommend you enlist the help of a legal marketing firm, but we may be a bit biased.

Make sure you have Google analytics set up, connected to your adwords and social media accounts. Make sure you have goal tracking for calls leads and any other actions you need. Combine this with the data from your email campaigns and you making decisions becomes easy. The data will lead you.

However even if you have all the tracking set up properly but you don’t understand what to track and what each metric means, you will not be able to glean better decision with your data. Even the best formulated marketing strategies for law firms wont be successful if they can’t pivot according to feedback and data. With our legal marketing company experience we focus on the following metrics for all of our campaigns to ensure we know whats working and what doesn’t:

  • Total New Clients
  • Total Leads
  • Form Fills
  • Calls
  • Conversion Rate
  • Close Rate From Calls
  • Close Rate From Form Fills
  • Cost Per Lead
  • Average New Client Value
  • Average Life Time Value Of Client

lawyer marketing ideas

Extra Credit : Get A Free Law Firm Marketing Evaluation

Conceptually the idea of building a site around a sales pitch, attracting the right traffic and then closing that traffic into clients is easy to understand.

Actually executing it takes alot of work and intelligence.

Everything we’ve outlined in this post is exactley how we have as a law firm advertising agency doubled every law firms leads we have ever worked with. You can do it too. We’ve given you the exact formula that we use.

Really this is essentially our entire web marketing for lawyers process laid out in it’s entirety. We openly give it out because even the best lawyer marketing plan is still hard to execute.

However executing it takes time and energy. You could hire an inhouse team to execute but that requires time and energy to find the right talent which is a task in and of itself, not to mention the right talent that will ac tually perform is extremely expensive.

You could try to do it yourself, but you’ve got a law firm to run and cases to win.

There is no risk in hoping on the phone with us and getting a free marketing evaluation. We will evaluation your and competition in all the areas outlined in this post and tell you where the smartest place to focus your efforts are in the short term.

In the long term if you want to beat your competition and stay releveant you have to accept you must do everything we’ve talked about in this post and you must do it better than your competition.

Unfortuatnley the business world is brutal, it is adapt or die out there. Let us use digital marketing for attorneys to help you adapt.

Get a free marketing evaluation.