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More About Lawsuits & Disputes Lawyers

Why is Legal Legends different from finding a lawyer on Google?

Whenever you look for a lawyer online, you’re probably only seeing the top 3-5 results on Google. The thing is, those choices are mostly marketing at work—they don’t look at which law firms are really getting results for their clients. Legal Legends independently screens law firms, meaning every lawyer you see here is a real ace.

How do I find a lawsuit attorney?

There are more than a million practicing attorneys in the United States. Locally, you may have dozens of options. We’ve helped narrow down your search by giving you only our top choices for local lawsuit attorneys. Use our platform to search by location, and find the perfect lawyer to handle your case with professionalism and determination.

Why should I hire a lawsuit attorney?

Lawsuits can get messy. These are often emotionally charged cases, and it takes a true professional to make sure their client is getting treated fairly. If you want your lawsuit to be handled efficiently and amicably, hiring an experienced and vetted lawsuit lawyer is your safest bet.

How much does a lawsuit attorney cost?

Lawyers have a reputation for being expensive, but that’s not always the case. Your attorney’s legal fees might seem like pocket change compared to the emotional and financial damage caused by a poorly handled lawsuit. What’s more, most lawyers offer free case evaluations, giving you an idea of what to expect as your proceedings move forward (free of charge).

Do lawyers offer free case evaluations/consultations?

A number of law firms and attorneys will offer free consultations and case evaluations, either over the phone or in person. These case evaluations can provide invaluable insights into your case and how to achieve the best possible outcome. These insights are often worth their weight in gold, and help you narrow down your search for the best lawyer.

What is a lawsuit lawyer, exactly?

Litigation lawyers—also referred to as trial lawyers or litigators—represent defendants and plaintiffs in civil lawsuits. They oversee all stages of the litigation process, from investigations to pleaings to discovery in the pre-trial, trial, settlement and appeals processes. A true ace litigator is hard to come by—unless you’re at Legal Legends.

Why is it so important to find a great lawyer?

When a lawyer isn’t fully committed to resolving your case, the results can be devastating. Your lawsuit will likely be one of the most stressful moments of your life, and you need a lawyer with both the expertise to handle your case and the tact to handle the emotions that can go along with a lawsuit.

How many lawsuit lawyers are there?

There are well over one million practicing lawyers in the United States, and you may have dozens of options in your city alone. We know how hard it is to narrow down those options, which is why we only list the best law firms on Legal Legends. This is the fastest, easiest, most simple way to find an ace lawsuit lawyer, period.

What kind of questions should I ask a lawyer before I hire them?

Asking questions is the fastest and easiest way to figure out if an attorney is a good fit to represent your case. Ask whether or not your attorney specializes in litigation, and how many cases they’ve overseen. Ask how long they’ve been practicing law, what you can expect from your case, how they bill their clients, and how they view lawyer-client communication.

How long does it take to get through a lawsuit?

It can take months to make any progress in a lawsuit. There are time limitations on many parts of the litigation process, but things rarely move as fast as you’d like. But although every lawsuit will take time, hiring an exceptional lawyer who understands the deadlines will increase your chances of getting a positive outcome and moving on with your life.