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More Estate Planning Legal Information

Why is Legal Legends different from finding an estate planning lawyer on Google?

Whenever you search for lawyers on Google, you’re looking at the law firms who do marketing the best—not necessarily the firms with a track record of success. We eliminate the influence of marketing and focus solely on lawyers we’ve independently screened for client care, honesty, accuracy, and efficiency.

What’s the best way to find an estate planning attorney?

You probably have at least a dozen options depending on where you live, possibly far more than that. Screening and talking to all of those attorneys is virtually impossible, which is why we’ve done it for you. Every attorney you see listed on Legal Legends has been verified and reviewed to ensure only the top results for our readers.

Why should I hire an estate planning attorney?

There are dozens of small yet powerful rules that could cause you to make costly mistakes without the guidance of an experienced attorney. For example, some states don’t allow out-of-state attorneys or residents to act as your representative. Imagine finalizing your will and not realizing that your friend from the next state over isn’t even eligible!

How much does an estate planning attorney cost?

Estate planning lawyers charge different rates depending on experience, location, and other factors. If you think that hiring an attorney is costly, consider the ramifications of leaving behind a will that costs your loved ones more money in unseen costs than if you would have hired an experienced attorney. In this field of law, you truly get what you pay for.

What should I look for in an estate lawyer?

You want to find an attorney with whom you’re extremely comfortable sharing the intimate details of your life. This ensures that your estate plan doesn’t fall short of your expectations and needs. Additionally, ensure that your lawyer is totally up to date and well-versed in modern changes to state laws.

What is an estate planning lawyer, exactly?

An estate planning lawyer is a kind of attorney who helps and advises clients on preparing their affairs for the possibility of a mental disability—and eventual death. Estate planning attorneys rely on years of continuing education, experience and mentoring to aid their clients in making the best decisions possible for their future and the future of their families.

Why is it so important to find a great lawyer?

Getting your affairs in order is no simple task. One tiny mistake could have consequences that will be felt by your loved ones long after you’re gone. Hiring an exceptional attorney (like the ones you see here at Legal Legends) is your best bet at securing your family’s future for decades to come.

Can lawyers who are licensed in a different state practice law in my state?

Surprisingly, no. There are many different laws regarding estate planning that can change a lot as you cross state lines, and a lawyer who practices law MUST be approved by that state’s individual bar association. Skip the guesswork and hire a local lawyer today by checking out our top local attorneys for your area.

What kind of questions should I ask an estate planning lawyer before I hire them?

Ask how much experience your lawyer has, how many clients they’ve worked with, whether there are any recent law changes that could affect you, how much they charge and how they bill their clients, whether or not they can see any issues with your estate, and how often they communicate with their clients.

Can I do this myself?

If there is anything complex about your situation—anything at all—then we highly recommend hiring an estate planning attorney. A single missing or wrong word could change the entire messaging of your will, and leave your relatives in for a rude awakening. In the grand scheme of things, the peace of mind you get from hiring an attorney is priceless.