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More About Employment & Labor Lawyers

Why is Legal Legends different from finding a labor lawyer on Google?

When you search for lawyers on Google, you’re probably looking at the top search results. The problem is that lawyers aren’t listed based on winning cases—they’re ranked based on how well they do marketing. Legal Legends is the total opposite. We review and rank attorneys based on their reputation for winning, period.

How do I find an employment and labor attorney?

Nationwide, there are more than a million attorneys. Even narrowing down your search to local law firms will leave you with dozens of choices. Legal Legends is the best way to find a labor attorney, hands down. Every choice you see here is an ace attorney—someone with a track record of winning and delivering real results.

Why should I hire an employment and labor attorney?

You’ve been discriminated against or harassed, wrongfully fired or terminated, forced to sign an agreement that waives your rights, your employer has violated federal or state employment laws, your employer is not giving you the benefits you are entitled to under your employment contract...the list goes on and on.

How much does an employment and labor attorney cost?

Lawyer rates can vary based on location (a New York attorney will probably cost more than his or her Omaha counterpart), their experience, and the exact type of case you have. Some lawyers may charge per hour, others will charge a flat rate for certain cases, and others may work on retainer. Be sure to discuss pricing with your lawyer at your consultation.

Do lawyers offer free case evaluations/consultations?

Yes! One of the great things about hiring a great lawyer is that they tend to offer free case evaluations and consultations. At your consultation, you’ll get to discover the strong and weak points of your case, possible outcomes, what to expect, and generally get a game plan for how to handle your case moving forward.

What is an employment and labor lawyer, exactly?

Employment and labor attorneys handle cases that involve violations of employment law. These can involve disability, hour/wage issues, ADA violations, contracts, policies, labor unions, and any number of other issues, both with single employees and larger, company-wide cases. Certain lawyers may specialize in one or several of these different areas.

Why is it so important to find a great lawyer?

When your rights are violated, you deserve the best representation—someone who will fight for you on your behalf. A great lawyer can mean the difference between victory and defeat. That’s why Legal Legends only lists the top lawyers in each field. When you choose a Legal Legend, you’re getting peace of mind that your attorney cares about your case as much as you do.

Can lawyers who are licensed in a different state practice law in my state?

While there are a handful of exceptions to every rule, generally a lawyer MUST be licensed by the state bar association where they practice law. Instead of wasting your time with unqualified lawyers, take a look at our preferred attorneys who are licensed to practice in your state. Finding a great lawyer just got a whole lot easier.

What kind of questions should I ask a labor lawyer before I hire them?

At your consultation, ask your attorney if they specialize in labor law. Ask how long they’ve been practicing law, and how many cases they’ve successfully handled. Ask what the strong/weak points of your case are. Be sure to talk about price and payment, and also don’t forget to check how often/how the attorney communicates about your case status.

Can I represent my own case?

You can technically represent your own case, but statistically speaking, you are less likely to achieve your desired results through self-representation. The fact is that there are so many little details that only experienced lawyers will pick up on—give yourself the best chance of success and choose an ace attorney instead.