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An American man approached Legal Legends for assistance in securing a fiancé visa for his beloved in the Philippines.


Our client planned to bring his Filipino fiancée to the US so they could get married and start their life together. However, the intricate process of acquiring a K-1 fiancé visa was daunting, with the potential for costly missteps causing delays or rejections.


Armed with extensive experience in Philippine-US immigration cases, we crafted a meticulous strategy to facilitate the fiancé visa process.

  • First, we gathered all the necessary data, carefully checking the relationship proof and ensuring all other required documentation was in order.
  • We guided the client through the process of filing the Form I-129F, ensuring its accuracy and completeness to expedite approval.
  • Upon approval, we guided his fiancée in the Philippines through her visa application, interview preparation, and the medical examination required by the US Embassy.
  • We stayed in constant communication with both parties, clarifying any ambiguities and providing reassurance through every stage.

The Legal Legends Difference

At Legal Legends, we understand that behind every immigration case is a human story, often one of love and aspiration. We don’t just offer legal services; we provide a bridge to new beginnings.

Our attorney, a specialist in Philippine-US immigration, navigated the complexities of the K-1 fiancé visa process with expert precision, ensuring a smooth journey for our client and his fiancée.

We provided reassurance during an emotionally charged time, sharing in our client’s excitement and alleviating his anxieties. If you’re experiencing a tough family immigration issue, contact us immediately. We’re here to make your American Dream a reality.

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