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A hardworking Mexican family, estranged due to immigration issues, sought the assistance of Legal Legends in order to be reunited in the US.


The client was a hardworking father of two, working tirelessly in the United States to provide a better life for his family still residing in Mexico.

Unfortunately, he faced significant barriers in immigration law, making it nearly impossible to reunite with his family. His main challenge was understanding and navigating the complex system of US immigration laws and requirements, specifically the process of Consular Processing.


Understanding the importance of family reunification, Legal Legends swung into action. Our immigration attorney, a seasoned expert in Mexican-US immigration cases, took charge of the situation.

  • Firstly, we diligently assessed the client’s situation, gathering all necessary documentation to kickstart the Consular Processing.
  • We then filed an immigrant petition on behalf of our client’s family, presenting a solid case to highlight the importance of their reunion.
  • Once the petition was approved, we guided our client’s family through the visa application process at the US embassy in Mexico.
  • Throughout this process, we maintained constant communication with the client and his family, clarifying any doubts and providing reassurances along the way.

The Legal Legends Difference

Legal Legends doesn’t just process applications, we strive for reunification and help families achieve their American Dream. Our ace immigration attorney leveraged his extensive experience and knowledge in Mexican-US immigration laws to facilitate this process.

Our strength lies in our personal approach and dedication to understanding the unique circumstances of each client.

Through clear communication and exceptional legal representation, we were able to navigate the complexities of the immigration system, ultimately aiding in the successful reunion of a deserving family.

Do you have a tough family immigration case? If so, contact us immediately, and let’s bring your American Dream to life.

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