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An Indian professional sought Legal Legends’ help in obtaining an H-1B visa and exploring the possibility of bringing his wife and children to the US.


Our client, a skilled IT professional from India, received a job offer from a US-based tech company. While thrilled about this opportunity, he was unsure whether he could secure an H-1B visa and, most importantly, bring his wife and children with him.

His lack of familiarity with US immigration law, particularly around family provisions for H-1B visa holders, became a source of worry and confusion.


With our specialization in immigration cases from India, we quickly stepped in to alleviate the client’s concerns.

  • First, we carefully evaluated our client’s job offer and confirmed that it met all the requirements for an H-1B visa application.
  • We then initiated the application process, ensuring every detail was accurate and compelling to increase the chances of success.
  • Simultaneously, we addressed our client’s primary concern by confirming that H-1B visa holders can indeed bring their dependents to the US under the H-4 visa category.
  • With our guidance, our client’s family prepared and submitted their H-4 visa applications, maintaining clear communication with us to clarify any uncertainties.

The Legal Legends Difference

At Legal Legends, we don’t just deal with paperwork—we build dreams, fostering opportunities for families to stay united even in new countries. Our expert attorney, specialized in Indian-US immigration, offered not only legal proficiency but also empathetic understanding.

Our direct and compassionate communication helped to ease our client’s worries, and our expert handling of his case led to the successful procurement of his H-1B visa.

Moreover, we were able to guide his family through the H-4 visa process, further ensuring their dream of staying together in the US. The joyous outcome of this case underscores the Legal Legends Difference, where every client is treated as more than just a case file—they’re treated like family.

If you’re dealing with a tough business immigration situation, we’re here to help. Contact us immediately, and we’ll connect you with the perfect attorney for your case.

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