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3 Huge Reasons to Get Serious About Your Law Firm’s Content Marketing Strategy

3 Huge Reasons to Get Serious About Your Law Firm’s Content Marketing Strategy

“Legal Legends totally changed my mind about writing. Our site went from having zero pieces of content to having dozens, and the number of leads we bring in because of our posts is unbelievable.”

-Halston T. Davis, Davis & Sanchez

Pretty much every firm we’ve worked with has some sort of content marketing strategy. But pretty much none of the firms we take on as clients are seeing meaningful results from those posts and articles.

For whatever reason, a majority of businesses—both legal and otherwise—think of content marketing as an afterthought. It’s just something you do because somebody somewhere said that you need to write blog posts to attract customers.

This is totally the wrong attitude to have. If you’re doing something for your business—that is, investing your time and money into doing—shouldn’t you be taking it as seriously as every other aspect of your business?

Content isn’t just something you do when you have free time; it’s a crucial component of attracting leads online that needs to be built on a winning strategy to succeed.

But why should lawyers have content in the first place? Glad you asked…

Content Marketing Helps Drive Traffic to Your Site

Every time you create a new blog post or web page, you’re creating another golden opportunity to be indexed by Google, and (assuming that piece of content is relevant) another opportunity to grab the attention of potential clients.

Remember, not everyone is searching for the same terms. Legal Legends’ content marketing strategy revolves around creating a series of articles that target the most relevant and lucrative SEO search terms, as well as posts to support your various locations and niches.

Each post is a signal to Google that your site is active and relevant, giving you a boost in the search rankings and giving you more visibility with potential customers.

Content marketing also gives you the material you need to get shared and seen on social media, simultaneously giving you exposure to new audiences while reinforcing your business with social proof.

In short, working hand-in-hand with social media and SEO, content marketing is a vital tool to deliver traffic to your site.

Content Helps Convert Traffic Into Leads

It’s pointless to put out entirely informational posts and articles and expect to see a huge uptick in leads and new clients.

You should always be searching for ways to make your posts convert, which should be incredibly easy with the right law firm content strategy under your belt.

One of the benefits of content is that the format of a post is less formal than your typical landing page or home page—posts are perfect for stealthily converting curious traffic into leads, which is exactly why Legal Legends does so with both our clients and our own site.

Winning leads with your posts is a breeze—all you need to do is craft a sales message throughout your post, capped off with a smooth call-to-action at the end. It’s such a simple change, but so many firms overlook the power of a CTA.

Will every one of your blog readers turn into a lead? Absolutely not—but having the tools in place to make your site more about converting than simply informing will put you in a position to win the numbers game.

Your Content Will Establish Your Firm’s Authority

With a stable of well-written and informative pages and posts, potential clients will have tons of evidence for considering you an expert in your field.

We’ve talked a lot about how your content should be winning leads for your business, but that doesn’t mean you want to pump out a lot of low-quality keyword-stuffed articles like all the other agencies are doing.

When we write a post for one of our clients, we’re always attempting to give our readers some piece of real value. For your clients, value can be:

  • Information the can’t find anywhere else
  • Information explained more clearly than anyone else
  • Writing that’s more engaging than anybody else’s writing

Authority can’t be measured in the same way as traffic or leads, but will increase over time as you produce more and more quality blog posts and pages.

The Most Common Mistake with Law Firm Content Marketing—Irrelevant, Inconsistent Content

Your professional website is a place where you get to share first-hand insights and knowledge with the people who matter most to your business.

But content marketing shouldn’t just drive any traffic to your site—content has to drive relevant traffic to your site.

One of the most common mistakes we see on a daily basis are companies who write about issues and topics that just aren’t relevant to potential clients at any stage of the buying process.

As a lawyer, you’re obviously MOST interested in folks who could really, really use an attorney right now. These people are just itching to schedule a consultation.

After that, you want people who are shopping around for lawyers but aren’t quite ready to make a decision—that’s where having great content and lead nurturing tools will pay dividends.

What we don’t care about are people who aren’t interested in hiring you at all.

Consider a personal injury law firm, for example. When given the choice between creating a new piece on “Recent Car Accidents on Interstate X” or “What Should I Do After I’ve Been Rear-Ended in Y County,” Legal Legends is going to take the second choice every single time.

But a majority of law firms out there are producing a steady stream of posts more like the first choice, and the alarming thing is that many of these firms are doing so under the guidance of a so-called “marketing expert.”

Here’s why that’s bad:

A vast majority of people who are actually searching for information on those recent car accidents have not actually been in an accident themselves.

Other law firm marketing agencies love to churn out pieces like this because they pad their numbers for site traffic. A thousand daily visitors with ZERO interest in your firm is a whole lot worse than ONE daily visitor who’s currently looking for a lawyer.

Look, nobody is going to fault you for wanting to keep your community informed about local events. But most of the time, these posts aren’t going to move the needle for your business—just keep that in mind.

Legal Content Marketing for More Leads

Targeted, relevant information for just about every buyer persona who’s relevant to your business that’ll establish you as THE choice in your legal niche—that’s what content marketing is all about.

If you’ve been burned by an agency who treats your content as an afterthought (and a costly waste of your marketing budget), join the club—Legal Legends’ clients are full of horror-turned-success stories who are just now realizing the leads potential of legal content marketing.

When you’re ready to reach more clients and catapult yourself up Google’s ranks like never before, get in touch with us ASAP and let’s build you a solid content base you’ll really be proud of.


*The information provided on this website does not, and is not intended to, constitute legal advice; instead, all information, content, and materials available on this site are for general informational purposes only.

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